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Everything You Need To Know About Catalonia Declaring Independence From Spain But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Don't be out of the loop.

Here's an issue that hits close to home for many Canadians. 

Catalonia's regional leader Carles Puigdemont addressed parliament this week where he announced that he would be delivering an important message regarding the independence of Catalonia. 

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And only a few moments ago, the announcement was made official, Catalonia's president has declared independence.

Via aljazeera

But exactly does this mean, and how did this happen? Well, here's everything we know so far:

First, the reason why they wanted independence is simple: Many people in Catalonia are concerned that they're paying too many taxes to the central government, and they want the right to self-determination.

That's why on October 1st, a referendum vote was held where 90% of voters were in favor of Catalonia's independence. 

The vote was later declared illegal by Madrid, and suspended by the Spanish Court Constitutional Court due to irregularities and the violence surrounding the issue. 

Since then, Puigdemont has said on many occasions that he was going to declare independence, despite the strong opposition across Spain and Europe, and today the announcement was made.

Via barcelonas

Today, Puigdemont asked for a mandate to declare Catalonia an independent state. He said he wants to hold talks with Madrid regarding independence, and that he is willing to resort to international mediation to resolve the crisis is need be.

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