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Hillary Clinton Is Moving To Quebec

Yes, Bill can come too.

Many people here in Quebec are busy dreaming about vacationing in a place where the weather is actually pleasant, meanwhile some of our neighbors in the South are looking towards Quebec as an ideal spot to spend the end of the summer. 

And I'm not talking about just anybody, I'm talking about the Clintons!

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Hillary, Bill and even their daughter and grandkids will all be spending part of the month of August vacationing in Quebec's Eastern Townships. 

The former President and the former U.S. Secretary of State will be staying at the Manoir Hovey Resort in North Hatley.

It's the 2nd best resort in Canada and it's only about an hour and a half away from Montreal.

Via manoirhovey

Secret Service already completed a security check last week and the Clinton are expected to arrive on Sunday. 


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