Montreal Is Having A Huge 40% Off Warehouse Sale

So many savings!

The end of summer's here and chances are we've blown all of our money on music festivals, road trips, and ice cream. I'm not judging when I say that because I'm definitely guilty of this as well. 

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It was a pretty great summer, filled with fun trips with friends, awesome festivals in the city and lots of delicious summer treats. What I really didn't save a lot of money for is back to school clothes. 

I know, I said the phrase that we all hate, "back to school" but it's coming up people so we have to get prepared! That's why I'm super exciting to say that Kallula Apparel is having a huge warehouse sale this weekend! 

via @kallula.apparel

All of their active wear is going to be 40% off and their everyday collection will be 15% off! That's a whole lot of savings on a high end brand. 

This huge warehouse sale will be taking place at 5525 Av. De Gaspe this Saturday, August 12th and Sunday, August 13th from 1pm-6pm!

Via Kallula Apparel

via @kallula.apparel

This brand makes tons of amazing clothes from sports bras, to leggings to casual workout tops that are perfect for your yoga classes or just your everyday casual look! They also sell yoga mats online. 

via @kallula.apparel

The yogi sisters that created this company are based right here in Montreal and all their apparel is ethically manufactured. With every purchase made online, 5% of the sale is donated to a charity in need. 

Their clothes are made to fit every woman's body, no matter the size or shape. You're bound to find something you feel comfortable in at this sale! 

via @kallula.apparel

via @kallula.apparel

Don't miss this chance to get your active-wear chic looks for incredible prices this weekend! 

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