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Kylie Cosmetics Is Having A Huge 'End Of Summer' Sale For Only 48 Hours

Jump on these sales before they're gone!

By now literally everyone knows about the makeup mogul, entrepreneur and social media personality that is Kyle Jenner. The Jenner/Kardashian clan have created a massively successful brand for themselves over the past few years but Kylie's makeup brand is one of the most successful.

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Kylie started her makeup brand called Kylie Cosmetics by releasing a line of lipsticks that got everyone scrambling for their wallets. She recently released eye shadow palettes as well and will soon expand into other products as well.

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They're incredibly popular because they honestly look gorgeous on! She barely ever gives any sales on her products, but now she's giving us an amazing 20% off sale on the entire site for just 48 hours!!

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The sale started 5 hours ago, so we've got 43 more hours to go snag our favourite products at the reduced prices ASAP! 

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You can get gorgeous eye shadow palettes in amazing colours, lipsticks in all colours and shades from matte to gloss to velvet! Her products are top-quality and super flattering on everyone. 

via @kyliecosmetics

Don't miss out on this awesome sale! Check out her website to start shopping. 

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