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Montreal Canadiens Tickets Prices Are Now 30% Cheaper

Good news for you, bad news for the Habs.

There's some good news for Montreal Canadiens fans, but some bad news for the Habs themselves. 

Apparently the Bell Center isn't selling out the way it used to.

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Fans seem to be either losing interest or they are just getting sick and tired of paying ridiculous ticket prices, just to watch the Habs lose.  

Les meilleurs partisans! 🙌 Best fans! #GoHabsGo

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Tickets prices have dropped by 30%! According to GoHabsGo a blue line ticket that cost 130$ last week, is now going for only $95. 

If you check prices this morning, they are in fact listed between $89 and $99.

As a fan, are you happy (or at the very least, secretly happy) about this news? 


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