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Montreal Has Been Named #1 "Best Beer Town" In Canada


No matter the time of year, in Montreal, you can find great beer. 

From the light-and-refreshing ales of summer to the spiced brews of autumn to the dark stouts of winter to the blondes of spring, Montreal is an all-year-round beer town. 

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Really, nowhere else in Canada does beer quite like here, and it’s not just Montrealers who think so. 

In a ranking of “Best Beer Towns in Canada” travel site Expedia gives a rundown of the nation’s most beer-tastic locales.  

Three scores were given to each town on the list, demonstrating aptitude in a certain area-of-beer.

Cartoon pints are given for the “taps in town” score, which indicates the number of breweries and total number of taps you’ll find. Gold medals are for the number of awards granted to breweries in a town and magical unicorns are for the town’s ingenuity-with-beer rating. 

All scores are out of five.

And when the dust settled to reveal the number of pints, medals, unicorns, and immense praise given to each town, Montreal came out on top. Well, kind of. 

When speaking of Montreal’s proficiency in beer, the article mentions Mondial de la Biere, Canada’s largest beer fest.

Kudos is also given to certain breweries like Brasseurs Sans Gluten and resto-bars like Vices & Versa and Brasserie Harricana that beautifully blend Quebec beer and delicious fo

The article says there’s “no particular order” or ranking to the list, but that’s just so all of the towns/cities before Montreal don’t feel bad.

There’s a reason Montreal is last on the list …which makes it first, right? You have to scroll through all of the other spots before getting to Montreal, and that counts for first place. Yes? Yes. Cool.

Montreal also got five “stars” (or technically pints, medals, and unicorns) in each aformentioned category, so calling the city the “best” on the list actually has some merit. 

Check out the list of "Best Beer Towns In Canada" below and head to the full article to see a detailed ranking. 

19. Revelstoke, BC

18. Lacombe, AB

17. Magdalen Islands, L’Étang-du-Nord, QC

16. Halifax, NS

15. Halton, ON

14. Whitehorse, Yukon

13. Tatamagouche, NS

12. Neepawa, MB

11. Regina, SK

10. Yellowknife, NT

9. St. John’s, Newfoundland

8. Grande Prairie, AB

7. Vankleek Hill, ON

6. Penticton, BC

5. Swift Current, SK

4. Victoria, BC

3. Nackawic, NB

2. Collingwood, ON

1. Montreal, QC


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