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Montreal Hosting Massive "Trinidad" Food Festival

Celebrating the country's life & culture.

Montreal has had a festival for just about every culture, holiday, and food you could imagine so it's not surprising that Trinidad is the next culture to have it's own festival. 

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Trinidad and Tobago are two joint islands in the Caribbean with Creole descent and traditions. They're known for their free-spirit island lifestyle, upbeat Soca music, and amazing cuisines. 

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Montreal is now hosting a massive festival to celebrate the best of Trinidad's culture! Trini Day is happening this Saturday, August 12th at the Soccerplexe Catalogna in Lachine. 

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The festival will take place from 12pm-9pm with music by DJs, and special performances by dancers! Enjoy all the exciting entertainment as well as classic Trinidad food and drinks like Doubles, Saheena, Baighan Chokha and more! 

The best part about this event? Entrance is completely free! All you have to do is pay for the food and drinks you enjoy at the festival.

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Check out their Facebook event for more information. 

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