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Montreal Is About To Get Some Insanely Good Falafel

Can't miss out on this.

Ahh, Falafel. A health food that doesn't taste like a health food. Guilt-free fluffy balls of deep-fried chickpeas,  deliciously seasoned to perfection.  Put 'em in a sandwich covered in savoury and creamy sauce - forget about it.

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Falafel is a classic street food fav across Middle-Eastern countries, and Montreal definitely has falafel, but not in at the same quality and rate as other major cities across the pond.

A new falafel joint - Falafel Yoni - set to open this Spring wants to change our perception of this ubiquitous street food. With a Tel-Aviv-style of falafel in mind and a bubbly bright red logo, this Mile-End spot already looks as inviting and friendly as it does tasty. Just one peek at their Insta feed will have you wishing it was lunchtime.

@falafelyoniembedded via

@falafelyoniembedded via

@falafelyoniembedded via

@falafelyoniembedded via

For more info on Falafel Yoni, click here.

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