Montreal’s 'Jardin De Chine' At The Botanical Garden Is Finally Re-Open (Photos)

The wait is finally over!

The Jardin de Chine at Montreal's Botanical Garden has been getting a makeover for the last three years and yesterday evening the new garden was finally unveiled. 

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The tiles have been refinished, the city of Shanghai donated a miniature landscape as a gift of friendship to Montreal, the stones have all been shipped from China, and the new "dragon theme" has been revealed.

Check out what the new garden looks like: 

Via HowardLiebman

via @espacepourlavie

Via HowardLiebman

Via HowardLiebman

And remember, the best time to visit the Chinese garden is starting September 8th at night. that's when the garden gets turned into the Jardin des Lumieres!


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