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Montreal's "Metropolis" Sign Has Been Taken Down

An iconic part of the city's history.

Montrealers were sad to hear the news today that yet another one of the city's iconic signs is being taken down. 

Last month iy was the legendary Super Sexe sign that was removed, and even though it featured cheesy cartoon super strippers, people were really sad to see it go. 

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But now that Facebook is being flooded with photos of the newly-removed metropolis sign, people are straight up angry. They don't want the name to change, and they don't want to see the sign taken down. 

Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about the name change. Metropolis will now be known as "M Telus". But at the very least you can rest easy knowing that sign will eventually be back. 

According to Metropolis the sign is only being removed temporarily to get restored. But it will be reinstalled, although it probably won't say "Metropolis" on it when they do decide to bring it back. 


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