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Montreal's Pink STM Line To Be First-Ever "Feminist" Metro Line

Next to no public spaces in the city bear the name of women.

The proposed Pink Line, a campaign promise of mayoral hopeful Valérie Plante, will be more than just a new metro connection. If the Pink Line comes to be, it could stand as a symbol of feminism in Montreal. 

Next to no public spaces in Montreal represent/bear the name of women, and Plante says the Pink Line could fix that problem. 

The 29 stations that would comprise the Pink Line will be named after “the women and the people of the cultural communities who have greatly contributed to the city of Montreal," Plante said during an interview with Téléjournal, reports Radio-Canada

Which “cultural communities” that would be represented on the Pink Line, specifically, were not mentioned by Plante. Neither were examples of famous females that could grace the Pink Line’s metro stations. 

The lack of specifics is probably because the Pink Line is far from a reality. Plante even said herself that the Pink Line project probably wouldn’t even start coming together until her second term as mayor. If she wins this first term, of course. 

Denis Coderre doesn’t think the Pink Line (and many of Plante's other promises) will happen at all, mainly due to budget constraints

Still, the idea of a “feminist” metro line is pretty cool. The accomplishments of women are often underscored in North American society, Montreal included. Having a physical testament to the many women who have made this city great would be a step in the right direction to rectify this problem. 

And feminism as a critical lens often includes discussion on marginalized groups, not just women, so including members of Montreal’s “cultural communities” on Pink Line stations would still fit, thematically. 

At a cost of $5.9 billion, the Pink Line would extend 29 kilometres comprised of 29 stations, bridging the gap between Montreal Nord and Downtown into a 22 minute trip.

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