Sophie Turner Spotted In Montreal Walking Her New Adorable Puppy This Weekend

Too cute to handle!

Thanks to the filming of X-Men in Montreal, Sophie Turner, who is playing Reran Grey and is famous for her fabulous acting in Game of Thrones, has turned up around ever corner! and has not been spotted walking her adorable Alaskan Klee Kai puppy. 

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Sophie Turner is a mega star and her popularity in Montreal has skyrocketed due to her amazing personality and willingness to take pictures with every fan she meets. 

via @alexmachard

In the picture above, Sophie Turner was spotted in Montreal by @alexmachard with her brand new puppy that she just got this September! It is the Alaskan Klee Kai breed which is basically like a mini-husky! Her puppy even has an Instagram account called @porkybasquiat

via @sophiet

Her dog is so adorable and is almost getting just as much attention as she is! Sophie Turner has been spotted taking pictures with legit everyone she meets and now you have an excuse to approach her! I mean look, he is even being harassed by the paparazzi in the photo below:

via @porkybasquiat

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