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These 9 Montreal Restaurants Have Been Ranked "Best In The City"

Beyond your expectations.

Do you just ABSOLUTELY love trying all the BEST restaurants in your city? Well, I know I do and TBH it's sometimes hard to find a top-notch restaurant in Montreal since there are SO many. However, I have some FABULOUS news for you, 9 of Montreal's have just been ranked as best in the city for 2017!

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The list of restaurants was based more than 400,000 new dinner reviews that are updated monthly and verified by OpenTable diners. So, instead of struggling to find that perfect spot with the best food for your next date or night out, just follow this list and you are guaranteed a stupendous dinner!

1. Monsieur Resto + Bar

via @restobarmonsieur

via @restobarmonsieur

Location: 1102 Rue de Bleury

Type: French


2.  Damas

via @fourniercamille

via @mary_mk73

Location: 1201 Ave Van Horne

Type: Syrian


3. Laurie Raphael

via @kri_proulx

via @maiha402

Location: 2050 Mansfield St

Type: French-Québécois


4. Aux Vivres

via @juliefeng_

via @ka.ouellette

Location: 4631 St Laurent Blvd

Type: Vegan


5. Le Club Chasse et Peche

via @laety_cherry

via @bumblebeez1000

Location: 423 Rue Saint-Claude

Type: French


6. Chambre à Part

via @chambreapart

via @chambreapart

Location: 3619 St Denis St

Type: Contemporary French


7. Le Filet

via @chefholzman


Location:  219, ave. Mont-Royal Ouest

Type: Fish


8. Les Deux Singes de Montarvie

via @zesquare

via @annejodoin_

Location: 176 Saint Viateur West Street

Type: International


(currently under construction and focusing on a new project) 

9. Bonaparte

via @juliaahhh

via @stefco15

Location: 443 St Francois Xavier St

Type: French


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