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This Quebec Island Hosts The 'World’s Biggest Sand Castle Contest' And It Looks Insane

Jaws will drop!

Montreal sure is known for their food contests, but Quebec has taken it to a whole new level by hosting the World's Biggest Sand Castle Contest! This Quebec island is home to some true artists who persistently participate in the annual sand castle competition. 

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The sand castle contest is actually held at Havre-Aubert Beach, the most beautiful beach in Quebec which is located on Iles de la Madeleine. Havre-Aubert Beach (AKA Sandy Hook Beach) is 12 km long and completely COVERED in sand, so you can expect nothing but spectacular sandy creations. 

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It is held every August and in 2018 it will be their 31st edition! Contestants have one day to build their magical creations and there are hundreds of sand castle builders but thousands of visitors. So, it truly is a huge summer event. 

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This huge tourist event is 514% something you do not want to miss next summer! The best part is that you can take a cruise with cruises CTMA from Montreal to the island and make a whole trip out of it.

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Via tourismeilesdelamadeleine

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