There are only a few days left before vote is in, and so far things a looking a little grim for Mayor Denis Coderre. 

For the first time since the start of the mayoral race, Valerie Plante has officially taken the lead according the most recent polls from Radio-Canada. 

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Valerie Plante was far behind way back in June, but she's been quickly catching up the Coderre in the polls, thanks to her strong campaign and how active she's been in the media. 

Now after all that hard work, she has actually taken the lead claiming 39% of the votes VS Coderre who only got 37%.

Many people who were against Coderre claimed it was because of the massive amount of construction sites he has approved which that are paralyzing the city. They were still bitter about the whole Formula E "scandals", and they also feel that Mayor Coderre is too Arrogant. 


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