Last week a man spotted a shark in the waters near Quebec and people freaked out even though the shark wasn't a man eater.  

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But it turns out there may be some more dangerous sharks lurking in the waters of the Saint Lawrence River.

"This comes a big surprise to most people who are not aware there are sharks here in Quebec."

And its not just any shark. We're talking about a Greenland Shark, which is second largest carnivorous shark in the world, after the Great White Shark. 

They can grow up to 7 meters long, weigh 1,000 kilograms, and live up to 200 years old. A few years ago, one of these things was found near Newfoundland and it was eating a freakin' moose! 

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Luckily they spend most of their time deep underwater but they do tend to surface every once in awhile. 

Here's a video of these giant sharks lurking in the Saint-Lawrence river. 

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