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You Can Get Free Mandy's Salad Tonight In Montreal


Yes. You read the titled correctly. Montreal will be giving out free Mandy's Salads tonight! I won't keep you waiting. You can get them between 5PM and 8PM at the grand opening of Naturo Vivre

Naturo Vivre is an all-new health store opening up tonight in Lasalle on 7779 Boul. Newman and they are offering all who visit a free Mandy's Salad! So, drop everything NOW and head there ASAP!

via @naturovivre

You can expect to see the infamous Mandy's food truck and you can also check out all the fun events Naturo Vivre has to offer in addition to their own delicious creations! They even have a health bar and yoga classes. 

via @naturovivre

So, get you favorite salad and no cost TONIGHT Friday, September 8th at this amazing new location in Montreal!Via ericacrimi


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