You Can Now Eat "Cricket Tacos" In Montreal

Real foodies aren't afraid to try something different.

Montrealers are always bragging about how being "foodies". But real foodies know you can't be afraid to try something different every once in awhile. 

Well, if you're ever wanted to expand your palate. We have just the menu for you. 

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The chefs working at Montreal's Espace Pour La Vie have been busy creating delicious insect based recipes. The point is to show you just how tasty insects can be when prepared right. 

I never thought I'd say this, but it actually looks delicious!

Via espacepourlavie

They have Cricket Tacos, Burgers, Crispy Squares and Falafel, Silkworm Tacos and even Termite Ice Cream!

Via espacepourlavie

And if you happen to develop a taste for these crispy critters, you can also purchase insect based products to take home with you.

The event ends on September 4, 2017.

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