The food trends in this city are getting seriously out of hand (in a good way). The restaurants in Montreal are constantly pushing the envelope and creating new and unique ways to enjoy our favourite foods. 

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There's Nutella Donut topped milkshakes, bubble tea served in lightbulbs, lavender ice cream, rainbow donuts, and so many more! 

This city never stops creating amazing new things and now we have that everyone's going to want to try ASAP: boozy cupcakes!

via @laboozyboulangerie

They're available at La Boozy Boulangerie and they seriously look like heaven! They come in all different flavours with different types of alcohol in a syringe on top. 

via @laboozyboulangerie

Some of the flavours include chocolate fudge with bourbon, strawberry and rose with tequila, Swiss dark chocolate with bailey's, raspberry and white chocolate with raspberry vodka, chocolate and caramel with Hennessy and many more! 

via @laboozyboulangerie

Each one includes a full shot of alcohol, so eat a few of these and you'll probably be a little tipsy! This is definitely the sweetest way to consume your alcohol. 

via @laboozyboulangerie

Check out their Facebook page for more information and to place orders! 

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