Montreal's Dirty Dogs Giving Out Free Poutine This Weekend

To celebrate the grand opening of their new 'Dirty Dogs Bar'.

Montrealers love their poutine, it's no secret. We're always on the hunt for the next greatest poutine and once we find it, it's like heaven on Earth! 

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There's tons of great poutines in this city, but one of the most popular ones is Dirty Dogs. Not only do they make insane hot dogs but their poutines are massive and exploding with all the best poutine toppings! 

Now, they're opening an all-new location and they're offering something super special to celebrate! 

Via Jason G Photographie for Dirty Dogs

Yup, they're offering FREE poutine this Friday, September 15th starting at 6pm. But you definitely don't want to be late because only 100 free poutines will be given out. After those 100 run out, everyone else will also get a free poutine but with the purchase of a beer or cocktail! 

Via Jason G Photographie for Dirty Dogs

I think that sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me, either way! Their new location is at 1709 Saint Denis and will definitely be your new go-to spot when those poutine cravings hit. 

Via Jason G Photographie for Dirty Dogs

Don't miss this insane event happening this Friday and get yourself some delicious free poutine!

***What: Free small classic poutine for the first 100 people, the next 100 get a free small classic poutine with the purchase of an alcoholic beverage or a milkshake 

***When: Friday sept 15 at 6pm

***Where: Dirty Dogs Bar, 1709 St-Denis

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