What's Open And Closed In Montreal On Canada Day 2018

Plan your long weekend accordingly!
What's Open And Closed In Montreal On Canada Day 2018

I think everyone is ready for the long weekend full of celebrations, events, and Canadian pride! Even though Fête Nationale was only last week, who's going to complain about another weekend to relax and enjoy some festivities.

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The only downside to this long weekend is the intense heatwave we're expecting to hit all of Eastern Canada. So far, no events in Montreal have been canceled yet due to the upcoming weath, fingers crossed!

As with most holidays, most stores and businesses are going to be closed this long weekend. Taking the weather into mind as well, most of us will probably be staying indoors with our A/C on the highest setting.

You're going to want to take note of all the stores closed this weekend, as many places don't even open until July 2. Check out this list of everything that'll be closed this weekend and have fun on your holidays!

Closed on Canada Day, and Monday, July 2nd:

  • Municipal courts are closed across Canada
  • All banks are closed.
  • Provincial and federal government offices
  • Shopping Malls
    Most retail stores will close - bookstores, flower stores, and antique shops can remain open if they choose to. 
  • Most private sectors will be closed
  • Most post offices will be closed - some private sector post offices (pharmacies, grocery stores) can stay open if they choose.

Although many stores are closed this Sunday and Monday for Canada Day lots of things will stay open and be available for you to enjoy as well. 

Open on Canada Day, and Monday, July 2nd:

  • 311, the city of Montreal's information hotline
  • Dépanneurs - hours at owners discretion. 
  • Retail stores and grocery in train stations, tourist destinations, cultural centers, airports, and hospitals remain open. 
  • Some pharmacies - check your local hours. 
  • Smaller grocery stores/supermarkets can open for holiday hours at their discretion
  • Bookstores, flower stores, and antique shops can stay open.
  • SAQ stores will be open unless they're located inside a mall.
  • Movie theatres
  • Hair salons, restaurants and gas stations can open at owner's discretion.
  • Arenas, swimming pools, gyms, and sports centers remain mostly open. Certain sectors will be closed. Consult 311 for more information.

Additionally, all these Montreal attractions will be open this holiday long weekend, too. So there will be plenty to do! 

Canada Day in Montreal is also known as city-wide moving day. Leases renew and many end up leaving a ton of goodies and hidden gems out on the curb or bring them to thrift shops, so keep an eye out this weekend and have some fun finding!

For tips and deals to help your move this July, 1st, check this out. 

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