What's Open And What's Closed In Montreal On Labour Day Weekend 2017

Labour Day is honestly an underrated holiday. There's nothing to actually celebrate on this day but it comes at just the right time every year. It's always at the end of summer when we're all exhausted from balancing work and all the fun adventures and vacations for the last few months. 

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It also usually marks the end of summer and the beginning of my our next favourite season: fall! This year's labour day is taking place on Monday, September 4th. 

Usually the best thing to do on this day is to spend it relaxing and recharging after our summers of fun. But if you want to use this day to do some super fun things in the city, you should know what's open and closed in advance. 

Shops, Markets And Stores 🛍

Entertainment Spots 🍻

Transportation 🚎

Government And Businesses 📬

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Shops, Markets And Stores: 

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Shopping Malls - CLOSED

Small Grocery Stores - OPEN

Big Grocery Stores - CLOSED

Pharmacies - OPEN with reduced hours

SAQs - OPEN unless in a mall

Depanneurs - OPEN

Retail Stores - Most CLOSED

Outdoor Markets - OPEN

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Entertainment Spots: 

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Music Venues, Bars, Clubs - OPEN

Restaurants - Most OPEN

Movie Theatres - OPEN

Spas - Most OPEN

Montreal Casino - OPEN

McCord Museum, Biodome, Botanical Gardens, Planetarium, Science Centre, Fine Arts Museum, La Ronde - OPEN

Montreal Beaches - OPEN

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Parking Meters - OPEN (charging regular price)

Metro And Buses - OPEN

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Government And Businesses: 

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Banks - CLOSED

City Of Montreal Offices - CLOSED

Post Offices - CLOSED

Hospitals - OPEN

Garbage Pickups - OPEN

Provincial And Federal Offices - CLOSED

Gas Stations - OPEN