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What’s Open & What’s Closed On Thanksgiving Day 2017 In Montreal

There's just something special about the Thanksgiving holidays.  

The leaves are changing colours every feels cozier and just when we're about to start getting sad that winter is coming, Thanksgiving is there to cheer you up and kick off the holiday season. 

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Plus any holiday where you get a day off is a great holiday in our book. 

And if you're wondering what's open in Montreal on October 8, 2017 (AKA Thanksgiving Day), then no worries. We've got your back.

Here's everything that's open & closed on Thanksgiving Day 2017 in Montreal:

For Shops, Markets And Stores, Click "NEXT"

Shops, Markets And Stores

SAQ - Open

Dépanneurs - Open

Shopping malls - Open

Westmount Square - Closed

Pharmacies - Open (At their own discretion)

Grocery Stores - Open (At their own discretion)

Restaurants - Open (At their own discretion)

Spas - Open (At their own discretion)

Venues - Open (At their own discretion)

Bars - Open (At their own discretion)

Clubs - Open (At their own discretion)

For Entertainment Spots, click NEXT

Entertainment Spots

Arenas - Open

Pools - Open

Sport Centres - Open

Cinemas - Open

Casino - Open

La Ronde - Open

Biodome - Open

Botanical Gardens - Open

Insectarium - Open

Science Centre - Open

IMAX - Open

Planetarium - Open

Marche Bonsecours - Open

For Transportation, click NEXT


Parking Meters - In Effect

Public Transit - Open

For Government And Businesses, click NEXT

Government And Businesses

Banks - Closed

City of Montreal Offices - Closed

Municipal Court - Closed

Provincial Offices - Closed

Federal Offices - Closed

Postal Service - Closed

311 City Info Hotline - Open

Garbage / Recycling - Open

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