Alright, real talk, Easter is quite possibly my absolute favourite holiday. Other than being celebrated right at the beginning of spring (which just happens to be one of my favourite seasons), there's also a well-deserved long weekend for celebrating, eating, or just chilling. Whatever you're into. It's all good.

But since it is a universal holiday, that pretty much means that some things might be closed on Easter weekend in Montreal. And if you're wondering exactly what's open and closed on Easter weekend in Montreal, then don't worry about it. I've got your back. Of course, as always, this is just a guideline - make sure you call any establishment you're planning on visiting this weekend before you actually do.  Read on for What’s Open & What’s Closed On Easter Weekend In Montreal.

What's Open:

  • Most SAQs will remain open throughout the holidays (except on Easter Sunday; click here for more details)
  • Outdoor markets (like the Jean-Talon Market) are open
  • Banks, but only on Easter Monday
  • Most Montreal museums (like the Montreal Biodome and the Montreal Science Centre)
  • Movie theatres and restaurants will mostly remain open
  • Grocery stores will mostly remain open, except on Easter Sunday
  • Montreal's Planetarium, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens, and Biodome will remain open
  • Parking meters will operate as usual

What's Closed:

  • Banks on Good Friday
  • Grocery stores on Easter Sunday
  • Malls and major stores (like Walmart, Costco, Ikea, etc) will mostly be closed on Easter Sunday
  • Government offices
  • The STM will be operating on holiday schedules on Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • The BAnQ will be closed on Easter Monday
  • Canada Post on Good Friday and Easter Monday