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What's Open & What's Not In Montreal On Canada Day 2014

Where to get your poutine and beers today.
What's Open & What's Not In Montreal On Canada Day 2014

Today, on July 1st, you're either moving your life into a new abode or celebrating Canada Day. Those two, or your just enjoying the day off, and maybe even nursing a hangover from a night of Monday partying. No judgement, you don't have to work today, so we hope you went out last night.

Whatever your Canada Day sitch, we're all in the same boat when it comes to things being open and closed in Montreal. A holiday for some and not others, it can be a little confusing as to what is exactly operating in Montreal today, so we've got you covered and compiled a list of what'll be open and closed.

Read on to find out what's open and what's not in Montreal on Canada Day.


  • Places that serve poutine... now onto the less important stuff.
  • SAQs (as long as it's not in a mall or complex that is closed)
  • All STM + AMT services, but on their holiday schedules.
  • Grocery stores, many for fewer hours than usual though.
  • Recycling and garbage pick-ups, but call 311 for any exceptions.
  • Arenas, sport complexes, and cultural centers will be open, but the hours are specific to each borough.
  • Biodôme and all things at Espace Pour La Vie are running on normal hours
  • Farmers markets
  • Most restos and bars (a call ahead wouldn't hurt though)
  • Free Pizza
  • Canada Day Celebrations, read 'em all here.


  • Banks (you'll still have access to your bank's ATMs, of course)
  • Municipal Court
  • City of Montreal offices, Accèss-Montréal and borough offices included.
  • Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard
  • Malls and most retail locations (some shops may not be taking the day off though)
  • Your office (we hope)

How will you be spending Canada Day?

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