When All The New Marvel Movies Are Coming Out From Now Until 2030

Disney announces all their planned films for the next decade.
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When All The New Marvel Movies Are Coming Out From Now Until 2030

Last night, Disney dropped its list of planned films until the year 2030. Since acquiring the rights to Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox, Disney has been steadily releasing a stream of films within under these umbrellas.

If you didn't know, this means that all Marvel characters will finally be united under one movie studio since Spiderman, Venom, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four universe used to be owned by Fox. 

This announcement has finally revealed that Disney will be a constant fixture in the cinemas for years to come. Not only that but with Disney releasing its new streaming service sometime this year, they'll also constantly be in your home. With some 50 films set to be released over the next 10 years, you all best be excited (or disappointed depending on your feelings) about what's to come! 

Here's what you can expect from Disney in the next few years.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

From this year to 2030, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will release 11 films. So far, most of them don't have titles, but we can expect there to be films that focus on Black Widow, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Spiderman in the near future. Captain Marvel will likely get another spate of films as well.

2020 and 2021 will see 6 Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Will Disney revamp the X-Men and Fantastic Four series? Only time will tell!

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Star Wars

With the new trilogy series expected to wrap up at the end of the year, Disney has already planned 4 new Star Wars films over the next few years. While we probably won't get a new Star Wars movie until 2022, expect there to be more extended universe stories.

Could we see a continuation of the Solo story or maybe even a foray into the Old Republic series? Personally, I hope they do some kind of Old Republic story.


Disney is getting some heat for what some people think is a lacklustre attempt at live-action remakes of their animated films but Disney doesn't seem to care as they are releasing 19 live-action and animated films in the near future.

Pixar is also getting some love as they've planned 5 new Pixar films over the next decade.

And so much more! 

Since Disney literally owns everything you know and love, some of what they've announced may or may not surprise you. They've also acquired the rights to the Artemis Fowl series, Bob's Burgers, Avatar, and Indiana Jones.

Which movies are you most excited about?

To consult the full list of films, click here! Fair warning, there's a minor Endgame spoiler here.


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