When It's Ok To Cheat On Your Boyfriend

Sometimes it's totally acceptable.
When It's Ok To Cheat On Your Boyfriend

[This article is for satirical purposes only]

Yes, sometimes cheating is actually allowed. Surprised? You shouldn't be. We live in a free country after all! Many would argue that cheating is immoral or unacceptable, well... I have a bunch of scenarios lined up for you that make perfect sense and that you can't really argue even if you're the most loyal person in the world, you know? So here are ten things that make cheating totally fine. You're welcome, by the way.

1. When it's with one of these guys

Yo, your boyfriend can't get mad at this, he'll probably high five you and say something like "I'm not even mad, that's amazing!"

2. When you're in Vegas

Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so you're safe.

3. If he's the kind of person who claps when a plane lands...

The moment you realize he's that guy... priceless. "Let me just text my side guy real quick..."

4. When the person you're cheating with is in his family

It stays in the family, so it's ok. "You guys are cousins, so you're basically like the same person."

5. If he calls you "bae"...

Just. No. Even a dick pic is better than being called "bae", I'm sorry.

6. When it's April's fools

You were just pranking him. If he has a good sense of humour, he'll totally get it. So jokes... then you just laugh together.

7. If he comments on YouTube videos...

OMG! He's the worst human being on the Internet. You don't want to stay loyal to bad people, remember this.

8. When it's throwback Thursday

Hooking up with your ex on throwback Thursday doesn't count as cheating. That's just common sense, guys. #tbt

9. When he doesn't even lift

"Do you even lift, bro? No? Be right back, give me a sec."

10. When he doesn't like poutine or Justin Bieber

Ouch. That's actually a good reason to break up with him. Who in their right mind doesn't like poutine? Or Justin Bieber? Exactly.

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