When To Expect Longer And Brighter Days In Montreal

The sunrise, sunset, and day length times of the coming months.
When To Expect Longer And Brighter Days In Montreal

The winter solstice is behind us, meaning that the days will slowly become longer, and I do mean slowly. Right now our daylight hours don't even reach 9 hours, as the sun sets at a grossly early 4:20pm. We all know how depressing it can get when the days end by the early afternoon, not to mention the temporal mindfuck of having it be pitch black at 7pm and make you think its well past midnight. But, as it is every year, the days will grow longer with time, and to keep you hopeful, here are the expected sunrise and sunset times of the coming months. Things will get brighter!

By End of December

Sunrise: 7:34am

Sunset: 4:21pm

Day Length: 8h 46m

By End of January

Sunrise: 7:17am

Sunset: 5:00pm

Day Length: 9h 43m

By End of February

Sunrise: 6:34am

Sunset: 5:40pm

Day Length: 11h 5m

By End of March

Sunrise: 6:37am

Sunset: 7:21pm

Day Length: 12h 44m

By End of April

Sunrise: 5:44am

Sunset: 8:00pm

Day Length: 14h 15m

By End of May

Sunrise: 5:10am

Sunset: 8:35pm

Day Length: 15h 25m

By June 21st/Summer Solstice

Sunrise: 5:06am

Sunset: 8:47pm

Day Length: 15h 41m

So we have a while to go before the days reach a reasonable length, but at least by March we'll start having sun past 6pm! Can't wait.


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