Guys, no lie, Portuguese chicken is awesome. There's such a unique flavour and texture to it: crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside, and so, incredibly flavourful.

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Luckily for us, we live in Montreal, which is pretty much a paradise for tasty Portuguese chicken. And although every single Portuguese chicken spot does it up right, there are a select few that truly stand out in the city.

For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Ma Poule Mouillée.

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969 Rachel St E

Although this spot hasn't been open for as long as some others on this list, trust, it's amazing. Bonus points for their poutine, which is piled high with chunks of their tasty chicken and chorizo sausage, making for one meal you won't soon forget.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Braseiro.

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8261 Boul St-Laurent

Situated in Villeray, Braseiro might be a bit of a trek for some of us - but trust me, it's well worth the travel time. Not only is the chicken here phenomenal, but they pretty much nail every single dish. Protip: try their Mixed Plate, which comes with pork, beef, chorizo, and chicken.

For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Campo.

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1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

A newer spot in Montreal, this Portuguese chicken restaurant is already taking the city by storm. Their food is straight-up delicious, and served up in a trendy, welcoming, and super fun setting.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Imperio.

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1292 Rue Jarry E

Honestly, the chicken here just might make you weep real tears of joy. Served up incredibly tender and smothered in flavour, Imperio's Portuguese grilled chicken is a legit pleasure to eat... But, honestly, you could say that about every single one of their dishes.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Portugalia.

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34 Rue Rachel O

A classic in Montreal, Portugalia serves up delicious Portuguese fare in a warm and welcoming setting. Although all of their dishes are highkey amazing, their chicken has to be the best: it's cooked to absolute perfection, with enough flavour in every bite to satisfy your Portuguese chicken crave - and then some.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Mile End.

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100 Rue Saint Viateur O

This restaurant, located in Mile End and close to Montreal's Cafe Olimpico, is exactly where you need to be if you want to enjoy one of the most perfect meals you might ever have. Their chicken is legendary, and their chicken and ribs plate offers you the absolute best of both worlds.

For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Les 3 Maria.

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4886 Boulevard des Sources

If you happen to be in the West Island, and you're craving some seriously authentic Portuguese chicken, don't worry. This DDO spot is here to save your entire meal/day/week/year/life with their delicious chicken, which is tender on the inside, crispy on the outside, and absolutely smothered in delicious Piri Piri sauce.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Romados.

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115 Rue Rachel E

Okay, honestly, Romados is a classic. It's an institution in Montreal, and if you've ever eaten there, then you know exactly why. The chicken here is pretty much otherworldly, and if Portuguese chicken is your idea of the perfect meal, then you absolutely have to try it from Romados.


For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out Jano.

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969 Rachel St E

True talk: I adore Jano. Located in the Plateau, this classic Montreal Portuguese restaurant is sure to hit the spot whenever you want a delicious, tender, crisp chunk of pretty much some of the best chicken you've ever tried in your life.

For good Portuguese chicken, you need to check out O Cantinho.

Yes, I will go all the way to saint michel for some #ocantinho ? #portuguesechicken #ohsogood #montreal

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3204 Rue Jarry E

Located in St. Michel, this Montreal Portuguese restaurant is highkey amazing. Don't worry if you feel like St. Michel is a bit out of the way: let me assure you that it's more than worth the trek. The chicken here will turn you into an actual heart eyes emoji... and the rest of their food just might do the same, TBH.


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