Whenever Someone Asks Us Where The Best Tacos In Montreal Are, We Send Them Here

Soft tortillas and tasty toppings ahead.
Whenever Someone Asks Us Where The Best Tacos In Montreal Are, We Send Them Here

Okay, confession time: tacos are bae. When you eat a good taco, it's like the whole world stands still. It's like time itself stands still. It's an experience unlike anything else.

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Which is why we're super lucky to live in Montreal, where we've got a whole bunch of spots for good tacos. And while tons of places deserve recognition for their taco wizardry, a select few truly stand out from the bunch.

1. Escondite

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1206 Avenue Union

A super trendy restaurant right downtown, Escondite is the perfect spot for eating some seriously delicious Mexican food - including above and beyond awesome tacos.


2. Tacos Victor

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4376 Rue Notre-Dame O

This St. Henri spot makes one seriously delicious taco. Not only is their food fresh and tasty, but the ingredients are super quality. Plus, their tacos are topped with super tasty french fries!


3. Fortune

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6448 Boul St-Laurent

TBH, these tacos are amazing. Fresh, delicious, and inexpensive, these pretty much hit the awesome taco trifecta. Protip: try their Hominy tacos, with cheese, avocado, jalapenos, and marinated onions. Yum.


4. T & T Tacos And Tortas

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51 Rue Rachel O

Honestly, one of my absolute favourite things about this spot is their tortillas. They're super fresh, just a little on the thick side, and pretty much the best ones I've ever tasted - and the perfect little envelopes for the piles of tasty toppings that goes on to every taco.


5. La Matraca

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4607 Rue Saint-Denis

Is this spot a Montreal institution? Possibly. La Matraca has been around for a little while, and if you've ever tried one of their delicious, flavourful tacos, you know exactly why: straight-up, they're awesome.


6. Super Taco

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500A Rue Bélanger

One of the newer spots on this list, Super Taco is making a huge splash... mainly because their tacos are mind-blowing, TBH, and super fairly priced. Protip: try their tamales. So, so, sooo good.


7. Mr. Azteca

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7349 Rue St-Hubert

An incredibly authentic spot for delicious tacos, Mr. Azteca is literally always a sure bet to get yourself some incredibly mindblowing, fresh, tacos, piled high with pretty much all the best toppings.


8. La Capital

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1096 Boul St-Laurent

Yes, this spot is located in Montreal's Chinatown. Nope, that doesn't mean it's any less authentic. Delicious tacos in a central spot? Um, count me TF in.


9. Mee Ho

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6670 Rue St-Hubert

Mee-Ho is located in the Plaza St. Hubert, and offers up $1 tacos. Not only is the price amazing, but the food is, too. And the ambiance? Yeah. It's pretty much the most fun taco spot you'll ever find, TBH.


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