Where You Can Buy Affordable Furniture In Montreal

Your apartment or condo will look good and save you money.
Where You Can Buy Affordable Furniture In Montreal

Moving day just passed and if you’re anything like me, then your brain is taken up with your Pinterest board, and the drive to make your apartment the cutest in all of Montreal. But it’s a little bit of an issue when you’re short on cash. However, not to fear my dears, for I have found the stores that are going to adhere to your stylistic needs and keep your wallet happy.

1. ZONE Maison

At first glance this store is going to look a wee bit expensive. But don’t shy away when you see a price sticker that makes your heart drop. Though Zone has a pristine store set up and the furniture to match, they also have great sales. I for one, am always looking for a good bargain and Zone is able to help you do just that. So keep your eye on the website, that’s going to be your key to keeping your cash and gaining some class.

2. Curio Montreal

Curio is one of those stores that just draws you in. The bright colours and fun knick knacks just make me want to squeal. They have pretty much everything you’re going to need. And not only is it cute and quirky it’s also crazy cheap. I really like their selection of curtains and lighting. It kind of has an early 2000’s vibe, but in a good way, I promise.

Photo cred - mommyiscoocoo

3. Eva B

Eva B never fails to please. Any good Montreal thrifter knows about this gem. They have food, vintage clothes and of course, furniture. It can become few and far between, however when they do have a nice selection it’s always cute, and very cheap.

4. Meuble Liquidation

If you’re all about the selection, then Meuble Liquidation is going to be your steez. I’m talking about hundreds of couches, chairs and bed sets for a variety of prices. They’ve got your back when you want options. And who doesn’t love options? If you look hard enough you can find the craziest deals, like I’m talking a wood dining room table for $70. Crazy, I know.

5. Vestibule

Looking at the Vestibule website is viewing perfection. Not only do they have the cutest furniture, but they also have little accent items that are the definition of adorable. Their selection is a treat that looks straight from your tumblr dashboard. Rustic, elegant, oh and did I mention crazy affordable? What more could you ask for?

6. Kitsch A Los

If you want your apartment to have that extra bit of pop, Kitsch A Los is going to be your new favourite place. They’re all about being quirky and fun. I love their originality when it comes to furniture shapes and colours. Kitsch A Los also has a rad selection of kitchenware. In the end, it’s everything you want affordable, cute and different.

7. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages has a laid back feel like no other. They’re good for storage and decoration. They have lot’s of chairs, baskets and wall hangings. Their hippy dippy feel makes their furniture pretty inexpensive, but also put together. Bohemian chic, that sort of thing.

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