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The Best Places To Buy The Perfect Watermelon In Montreal

Refreshing fruit of the highest quality.
The Best Places To Buy The Perfect Watermelon In Montreal

It's summertime in Montreal and for all the food lovers out there that means there's now a wonderfully endless amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables available to you. While we're big fan of almost any of these fresh products, none are quite as tasty as a cold, sweet, and refreshing watermelon. There's something about buying and cutting into that perfectly ripe one that's just so satisfying. So, to ensure that you're getting the best of the best when you're picking out your next watermelon, check out any one of these seven spots below.

1. La Fruiterie Du Plateau

515 Roy E

The fruit at La Fruiterie Du Plateau is always fresh and seasonal, so you're guaranteed to find some of the best available watermelon in the city. In the summertime the front of the store is opened up, making this an airy and unique place to shop.


2. Les Fermes Lufa

201-1400 Antonio-Barbeau

Les Fermes Lufa's products are about as local to Montreal as you can get - they use green houses on top of buildings in the city, and the results are nothing short of amazing. You can place your order online and they'll pick it fresh off the plant, pack it up, and bring it to whatever drop off location is closest to you.


3. Young’s Bros Fruit Store

1345 Van Horne

Sat in Outremont, Young's Bros has amazing quality seasonal fruit and veg all year round, at reasonable prices to boot. You'll be sure to find the perfect juicy watermelon here.


 4. Chez Nino

192 Marche-Du-Nord

When it comes to having top notch, quality products, Chez Nino never fails. They're even the suppliers of quite a few Montreal Restaurants, so you can be sure that their produce is always going to be tasty - watermelon included.


 5. Jean Talon Market

7070 Henri Julien

The Jean Talon Market is a well known Montreal institution and is easily one of the best farmer's markets around. There are so many stands to choose from that it's pretty much impossible to not find that perfect watermelon.


 6. Atwater Market

138 Atwater

Another iconic market, Atwater has tons of vendors selling massive amounts of fresh produce. Not only are you guaranteed to find some of the most delicious food in Montreal, but it's also just a fun place to go with a really cool atmosphere.


 7. Côte-des-Neiges Farmers Market

515 Gatineau

For all of those people out there that need to get their fruit fix at night, you're in luck, because the Côte-des-Neiges Farmer's Market is open 24/7. Their big, open concept market has high quality products at affordable prices, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get that perfect watermelon.


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