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Where To Eat On Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2016

Eat and drink all night long.
Where To Eat On Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2016

In a little more than 24 hours, Montreal is going to come alive for the wintery art festival of all night partying better known as Nuit Blanche. No doubt you're excited (we are too), but you may also be a tad intimidated, mainly because there is so much to do during the event.

While we've already coveredeverything you need to know about Nuit Blanche, and thirty of the best activities to check out, one crucial element has yet to be covered: the food of Nuit Blanche. Oh, and all of the places to grab amazing alcoholic beverages, which is just as important.

So, to keep your bellies filled with amazing edibles and delightful drinks, here's a rundown of everything you need to eat and drink on Nuit Blanche 2016.

Do note, however, that the list is only including official Nuit Blanche food-based events, and not independent restaurants and bars, who are no doubt crafting some delectable dishes too. Not that you'll be left wanting with what's in store for you below.

La Cuvée d'Hiver

550 Richmond St.

Montreal's whisky festival is back for Nuit Blanche, offering you tons of ways to enjoy the classic alcohol, including pairings with delicious edible delights. Don't stress if you're not a whisky person either, as other beverages will definitely be featured.

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SnowFood At Parc Olympique

The Esplanade Financière Sun Life

Pretty much a winter food truck festival, SnowFood brings the summer tradition of First Fridays to Nuit Blanche. Food trucks are pretty scarce in the winter months so be sure to get your hands on some of the city's best street food!

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350 De Castelnau St. East

A free food workshop held every hour, this culinary event will take you on a flavour journey through some of the many ways to make sambals, a dish that is iconic of Indonesian cuisine.

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Drawing On Ice With Chocolate

4439 St. Denis St.

You will quite literally get the chance to play with your food at this sweet (pun!) event, where participants will compete to create the best artwork solely using liquid chocolate on ice. Of course, you'll be able to eat your artwork, paired with a cup of onion soup that's available on-site.

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Italian Gastronomy Workshop

1380 Sherbrooke St. West

Enjoy a (free!) taste of Italy at this culinary demonstration held at the Museum of Fine Arts, prepared by one of the chef's from Crescent street's Wienstein & Gavino's.

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Masala Chai

351 Émery St.

Need to warm up during your Nuit Blanche journey? Then stop over at teahouse Camellia Sinensis, where soothing and spicy chai will be served all through the night, with live music adding to the atmosphere.

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Mondial des Cidres 2016

Complexe Desjardins’ Grande-Place

Food may not be the focus of this Nuit Blanche event, but who really cares when you have an amazing selection of delicious ciders to enjoy? A veritable "cider festival," the event will also feature live music, a dance floor, and a professional mixologist crafting cider-based beverages.

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Vin Chaud Coretto Jutra

Place des Festival/Nuit Blanche outdoor site

To ensure all Montrealers enjoying Nuit Blanche have access to a deliciously warming alcoholic beverage, a special booth dedicated to "mulled wine corretto" will be on-site. A special recipe made just for the night, the booth will also showcase other Jura coffee recipes.

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Festival Bistro

Place des Festival (Jeanne Mance/Saint Catherine)

Wine and a variety of delectable dishes will be available to all inside of the Festival Bistro, right in the heart of the Nuit Blanche outdoor site. Presented by the SAQ, there will also be a "Bistro SAQ Express" where you can quickly nab a few drinks.

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The Grilled Cheese & Milk Bar

Place des Arts esplanade

Nothing beats the comfort created by a bite of a grilled cheese, and you'll be able to enjoy a wide assortment of cheesy sandwiches thanks to this outdoor food vendor. Creating GC's using solely Quebec cheeses, the culinary activation will also feature a Dairy Bar where you can get both hot and cold milky drinks.

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Provigo's Dumpling Bar

At the foot of the Place des Arts esplanade

Become a TV chef for a hot minute at the Dumpling Bar presented by Provigo, where you'll be guided to make vegetarian dumplings by real chefs while being filmed by a real television crew. Best of all, you get to take the dumplings and your video with when you're done.

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La Roulotte Gourmande

Place des Festivals

Esteemed chef Jérôme Ferrer and his team will be parking up at the Nuit Blanche outdoor site, ready to make you some gourmet delights. If you're looking for an extra special culinary creation, this is your best bet.

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