Photo cred - @colleencocobongo

It’s hard not to love the Pogo. The contrast between the savoury meat and the sweet cornbread which surrounds it makes for one of the finest foods on a stick around. Pogos are equally reliable and delicious.

As hard as it is to imagine anyone improving on the culinary wonder of the world that is the Pogo, one Montreal restaurant has managed to do so: Pick’s, a Korean burger joint near the Guy-Concordia metro station.

Dubbed the “Kogo” (i.e. “Korean Pogo”), their take on the iconic food starts with a hot dog on a stick, which they then smother in their delicious cornbread batter. If they were to leave their homemade Pogo here, it’d already be a culinary sensation sure to join the ranks of the city’s finest drunk food.

Photo cred - Yelp

However, not content to stop there, the brilliant minds behind Pick’s buttress their efforts by adding small cubes of potato to the batter. Finally, they deep-fry the entire thing, creating a Pogo/french fry experience that’ll put you straight into comfort food heaven. If that weren’t enough, they also have a host of delicious dipping sauces from which you can choose. My personal favourite is the garlic aioli, but it’s hard to go wrong with anything of their selections.

Their burgers are pretty solid as well, but they don’t quite compare to the Kogo’s magical glory. Give one a try, and you’ll see just how great the Pogo can be.

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