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Best Montreal Ice Cream In Le Plateau

Treat yourself this summer.
Best Montreal Ice Cream In Le Plateau

Nothing says summertime like grabbing a scoop or two of refreshing ice cream to cool yourself down after being out in the sun. Luckily for those who live in and around the Plateau (or for those who find themselves in that part of the city) there are so many amazing options when it comes to getting yourself a frozen treat.

Kem CoBa

60 Fairmount O

This little counter service shop always has a line wrapping around the building because it's just that damn good (don't worry though, the line moves pretty quickly). They serve an assortment of sorbets, ice creams, and soft serve cones in a wide variety of delicious flavours. A few that you have to try at least once in your life are the salted butter ice cream, the coconut strawberry swirl, and for the coffee lovers out there: the Vietnamese coffee.


Monsieur Crémeux

43 Beaubien E

Not only does Monsieur Crémeux have one of the best ice cream shops in Montreal, but they also have an ice cream truck so you can get their delicious ice cream all over Montreal. They have tons of different flavours, all of which are amazing, but for an extra tasty treat, get their chocolate chip cookie pistachio ice cream sandwich.



920 Mont Royal E + 3804 Saint Laurent

While it's technically frozen yogurt, Yeh! is just as delicious as any ice cream out there, if not more so. The best part about this place is that you get to create your own concoction of flavours and toppings so that it's exactly how you want it. They have tons of frozen yogurt options with everything from Nutella, to cheesecake, to mango, which you can top off with sprinkles, brownies, peanuts and much much more.



3880 Saint Laurent

For over 20 years this cute little ice cream shop on the main has served Montreal with delicious home-made ice cream. They have super tasty and unique flavours, from the rich 'chocolate truffle raspberry' to the refreshing 'masala chai'. It's also conveniently located across from Schwatz's so you can have a great dessert after having some equally great smoked meat.


Photo Cred - Point G

Point G

1266 Montroyal E

For a small bakery, Point G has tons of tasty treats, including a big selection of ice creams and sorbets. Their pineapple-basil flavour is an absolute must try. Point G is also known for their macarons, so if you want a to kill two birds with one stone, order a Macaron Glacé - it's basically an ice cream sandwich made with macarons, and it's amazing.


Le Glacier Bilboquet

1600 Laurier E

A charming, old time-y ice cream and frozen yogurt shop, Bilboquet is the perfect spot to go for a quick summer evening treat. They make a mean lemonade float that never fails to impress, but if you want something a little more rich, their red velvet ice cream is definitely the way to go. During the summer the line up can go all the way out the door, but not to worry, it moves pretty quickly.


Cremerie Meu Meu

4458 Saint Denis

Vegans and lactose intolerants rejoice! Meu Meu is bringing you a variety of soy-based ice creams that are every bit as delicious as their dairy counterpart. They also use all natural ingredients, so you can tell yourself that what you're eating is healthy. The salted caramel ice cream or the rhubarb sorbet are definitely the way to go if you can't make up your mind. Although, the soft serves dipped in real swiss chocolate are as equally amazing. When you go, keep an eye out because this place is tiny (there's no seating room) so it's easy to miss.


La Diperie

68 Pins E

La Diperie is a unique Mom-and-Pop ice cream shop, it only has soft serve ice cream, but the cool part is what you get to do with it. They have tons of different "dips" that you can get, and by that they mean you get your whole ice cream dipped in the topping of your choice, and there are so many to choose from. You can get pretzel, chocolate, caramel, oreo, coconut, or pralines and cream, just to name a few. This is a cash-only establishment, so make sure you come with those dolla dolla bills.


Les Givres

3807 Saint Denis

Everything is made in-house at Les Givres, so you're always going to get the freshest ice cream possible. Their pear vanilla sorbet, apple pie ice cream, and campfire ice cream (which basically has all the ingredients of a s'more) are all to die for, but if you just can't make up your mind, they have a tasting option where you'll get 6 shot glasses with a different flavour in each one.


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