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Where To Get The Cheapest Pints In Montreal

Beer that your wallet will like.
Where To Get The Cheapest Pints In Montreal

It's nice to go grab a cool refreshing pint every now and again, especially with some friends after a long day of work or class. But going for a drink, especially in the city, can sometimes feel like it just cost you an arm and a leg with so many places having slightly ridiculous prices on their drinks.

Despite that, there are thankfully also tons of places that get it, and know that we all need somewhere to go grab a cheap glass of beer. So if you've been looking to maintain your beer consumption while also saving your bank account, here are 12 places that you can go in Montreal to get a cheap pint of beer.

1. Le Sainte Élisabeth

1412 Saint Elisabeth

With one of the coolest terraces in Montreal, you can sit out and enjoy a $4 pint of microbrew on Mondays and a $3.75 pint of Boreale on Thursdays.


2. Gerts

3480 McTavish

Campus bars are always a go to when looking for a cheap drink, and McGill's Gerts Bar does exactly that. They have $3 PBR tallboys every Tuesday and $2 half pints every Thursday.


3. Madhatter

1208 Cresent

Thanks to their "recession proof pricing" Mad Hatters is always good for a cheap drink. On Mondays they have $10 pitchers of Molson Ex, which you're sure to get a few pints out of.


4. Fiddler's Green

1224 Bishop

This Irish Pub knows how to do happy hour right, and is the perfect end to your work day, with $5 pints.


5. McKibbin's

3515 Saint Laurent + 1426 Bishop

Another great Irish Pub, McKibbin's has $2 off of pints from 4-8pm on weekdays and 4pm-close on Sunday (so a domestic will cost you $4.50).


6. Bar Bifteck

3702 Saint Laurent

This pseudo-dive bar is a great happy hour joint, with $5 pints every day until 8:30. They also serve free popcorn which is a nice touch.


7. Jono Bar

2201 Mont Royal E

A great dive bar with TV screens and pool tables, Jono also has $4 pints and $10 pitchers, which is one pretty awesome deal.


8. Grumpy's Bar

1242 Bishop

Every Monday - Wednesday Grumpy's has $4 pints, and you can usually catch some pretty good live music while throwing a couple of those back.


9. Foufounes

87 Saint Catherine E

On Friday nights you can get yourself some $1 Coors Lights, although be warned that you do have to pay an entrance fee.


10. Taverne La Chic Regal

2567 Centre

Every Monday and Tuesday from 7pm-close you can get $4 pints of beer at Chic Regal, and if you have a few of them you might just be brave enough to get up and try the karaoke.


11. Next Door Pub And Grill

5175 Sherbrooke O

If you're looking for some cheap beer and cheap eats, Next Door is the place to go. Every Sunday they have $4 pints and $0.29 wings - you just can't beat that.


12. Cafe Campus

57 Prince Arthur E

Although you do have to pay a $4 entry fee here, every Tuesday Cafe Campus has pitchers of Molson for $5 and pitchers of Boreal for $7, which is insanely cheap.


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