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Where To Repair Your Apple Products In Montreal

For everyone who doesn't want to spend that extra money.
Where To Repair Your Apple Products In Montreal

No one in their twenties is capable of never damaging their iPhone, iPod, iPad or Macbook. Actually, no age demographic is able to avoid the inevitable bump, smash, or crash that leads to your apple product getting damaged. But no amount of damage is beyond repair (hopefully) and there are plenty of ways to get your gear back in working order. You could be a chump and go to the Apple Store for a tune up, but we all know how long those wait times can be, and it gets pricey if you're Apple Care has expired. For all those looking for another way to resurrect your Apple gadgets, here are the best places to get your Apple products repaired in Montreal.

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iRepair MTL

1184 Ste-Catherine W, Suite 101

The Lowdown: Conveniently located two blocks away from the Apple store, iRepair MTL gets the top spot for their reputation and style. They have a standing mandate to repair, customize and protect your devices for the lowest price possible. Combined with a 90-day warranty, iRepair MTL sets a new industry standard. Get any Apple product fixed within the hour and it’s the only place where you can enjoy a freshly brewed espresso while you wait.

Repair your smartphone now


201 President Kennedy

The Lowdown: You'll find Apple-authorized and professional service from Coop UQAM, with employees trained to serve the UQAM IT students and professors who regularly frequent the tech department. More of a French-speaking joint, it's still not nearly as crowded as the Apple Store, and has a full range of other Apple products you may want to grab.

Intech Pro

5761 St Laurent

The Lowdown: Very old and still pretty legit, Intech Pro has been doing Apple product repairs and upgrades for a good long while. While they do have a longstanding history, you're not going to get much of a deal, as they're rates are pretty much the same as the Apple store's prices.

official site

The Lowdown: Here's one for the techies and the more daring among us. iFixIt is more of a resource for many 'guide-to' on almost all Apple products rather than an actual repair place. You can find a guide, and needed parts, for nearly every tech product out there, including Apple products, but the hassle and price for parts may not be worth your while. Especially if you're technologically myself.

The Apple Store

1321 St Catherine St W

The Lowdown: When all else fails, go straight to the source, otherwise known as the Apple Store. You should really only be going here if your Apple product is still under warranty, if not, be prepared to wait a while and drop a lot of dollars. Still, Apple geniuses know their stuff and they have the best tech to repair products, so keep that in mind.

Where will you get your Apple product repaired?

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