The Fall Foliage Is Officially At Its Peak In These Quebec Towns

Quebec is peaking... and so am I.
Peak Fall Foliage In Quebec 2019

Peak fall foliage in Quebec has arrived in several regions around the province, and it turns out I can be right about some forecasts after all. 

Two weeks ago, we wrote about a conversation I had with an Environment Canada meteorologist, Simon Legault, in hopes that I could forecast when the leaves would be at their peak in Quebec.

I learned a lot, primarily that the leaves change based on diminished daylight hours, not the dropping temperatures, and Simon walked me through when the peak of fall colours generally burst to life in Quebec.

He had suggested that the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October were often the peak of fall colours, and this window is especially good to potentially head out of the city up north where the landscape is completely arresting.

Well, it turns out that Simon and I had it almost spot on, as Quebec Original is now showing that a handful of regions in Quebec are officially at Peak fall colours, while the majority of the rest of the province is right near peak or coming up on the mid-point.

The map below, provided by Quebec Original,  shows the regions of Quebec that are popular tourist destinations or great places to get outdoors and appreciate the fall foliage.

[rebelmouse-image 26889292 alt="Peak Fall Foliage Map Quebec 2019" photo_credit="Quebec Original" expand=1 original_size="958x590"] Quebec Original

The colour system works like this:

Green means "beginning soon."

Yellow is "early."

Orange is "mid-point."

Red is "near peak."

Maroon is "peak."

Brown is "past peak."

And grey means the season has ended.

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It's evident that here in Montreal were still in the early phase, along with Ottawa and the greater regions of Montérégie and most parts of the Laurentians.

Three regions that are at their peak include Parc regional Montagne du Diable in the Laurentians, Parc regional du Massif du Sud in the Chauière-Appalaches region, and Parc national du Mont-Mégantic in the Eastern Townships.

That gives you a pretty solid spread of options in terms of where you could go if you'd like to take in some fall foliage this weekend. You can head north to Montagne du Diable, southeast to Mont-Mégantic or much farther east to Massif du Sud.

Regardless of where you plan your road trip to, taking a peak at this little map before you go is never a bad idea. You'll be able to get a better sense of what the scenery is going to look like before you get to where you're headed, or you can even plan your trip based on the info provided by the map.

Of course, we have no shortage of advice when it comes to fall activities, so head to our Things To Do section here or at the tab above to scroll through endless fun fall inspiration.

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