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Where To Take A Date In Montreal If They LOVE Chocolate

Learn to make the thing they love most.
Where To Take A Date In Montreal If They LOVE Chocolate

We all know that when you're dating a chocolate lover that a nice box of chocolates becomes the automatic fallback gift every time you need to get them something, since you know they'll always appreciate it. And as an avid chocolate lover myself, I can tell you that this 100% true, but it is nice to mix things up once in a while when it comes to your chocolate binging. That's where Chocolatiere Bonneau comes in.

If you've been looking to treat your chocolate-loving loved one to something special, then consider taking them on over to Bonneau's chocolate factory. Every Tuesday and Wednesday they have chocolate making classes where you can learn how to make your very own delicious premium chocolates. You get to cut, coat and decorate your own ganache, and as you would expect, you'll get to have a taste or ten. It's $65 per person and you have to call ahead to reserve a spot.

You can check out their Facebook pagehere and their official website here for more details on planning what is sure to be the most unique and delicious date you've ever had.

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