Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Montreal This Summer

Time to leave your sex palace and hit the town.
Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Montreal This Summer

Ladies and gentlemen, take note. I'm assuming you're pretty excited about the impending visit from your special lady. So excited that you might have overlooked what you're actually going to do when they get here. Yeah, lying in bed for a few days is necessary, but what do you do when you're all cuddled out and want to spend some time exploring? Well, you lucky, lucky duck, we've thought of a few scenarios for you and your girlfriend to do in Montreal when the two of you are ready to leave your sex palace and hit the town.

1. Take Her Vintage Shopping

The default, go-to thing to do when someone comes to visit, is take them shopping. However, participating in the Sainte Catherine's street slog isn't always a fun way to spend time with your lady friend. Well, it certainly can be more fun. So, to fill the shopping quota but maintain your sanity, try hitting up some of Montreal's many vintage shops. Places like Eva B's and Kitch n' Swell are great for finding unique pieces, but also give you the chance to joke around with your girlfriend and laugh at all the crazy merchandise.

2. Take Her For A Romantic Brunch

Yes, there is such a thing as a romantic brunch. After a night of... well, y'know, going out and replenishing yourselves with a post-sex brunch is wonderful. If you're looking for class, I recommend SuWu. They have an ever-changing menu and the food never fails to please. However, if your lady's down for a more classic brunch spot, then Place Milton or Moe's are both superb options.

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3. Take Her Somewhere Magical

If you're looking for a date that has a bit of a "WOW" factor to it, say no more. In June, Montreal is opening up an enchanted forest, complete with fairy lights. It is the perfect way to make your 'gf' feel special. You can spend some quality time together, catching up and enjoying the magical atmosphere.

4. Take Her For A Classic Dinner And Drinks Date

Dinner and drinks, what could be more perfect? If your S.O. is a no-fuss kind of gal, then this is the route to take. However, while this is a no-fail option, you still want to add some flare. To give this idea a summer upgrade, I suggest having dinner on one of these many great terrassses, and go for drinks at Crescent street's new mojito bar.

5. Take Her On An Adventure

Does your lady like a little bit of adventure? Don't worry, we got you covered. Take your daredevil of a girlfriend rock climbing or slacklining, in and around Montreal. OR, if she's down to have some serious fun, then you could take her to the gigantic slip n' slide that's opening up in the city!

6. Take Her To The Drive-In

This idea is a little bit Grease inspired, but hey, if it worked for couples in the 50's, doesn't mean it won't work now. Take her to the Cinema en Plein Air au Parc des Compagnons, cuddle up under a blanket, bring some buttery popcorn and enjoy. It's a nice alternative to staying in and binging on Netflix.

7. Take Her Park Hopping

The daytime alternative to the bar hop, this sunny activity will be sure to have you both tanned and smiling. Pack up your bags with some food, water and sunblock at the start of the day, draw out a map of all the parks you want to visit, and start trailblazing. You get to travel around the city in a new way, catch some rays, and spend time with your partner in crime.

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8. Take Her On A Spa Day

Your girl deserves the best, and what's a better way to show her than treating her to a spa day? Go all out and splurge for a day at Bota Bota. It's gorgeous, relaxing, and will make your girl feel like a queen. Lounge all day in your bathrobes and bask in what can only be described as pure luxury.

9. Stay In And Make Something Delicious

And finally, if you're really not about leaving the house (aka you two don't want to put on pants) then check out our abundance of food porn so you and your lady can cook up something de-lish.

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