Where To Watch The Oscars For FREE On A Movie Screen In Montreal

The 88th Academy Awards on the big screen, at zero charge.
Where To Watch The Oscars For FREE On A Movie Screen In Montreal

Every time Academy Awards season rolls around, one question inevitably arises: where the are you going to watch the Oscars in Montreal?

You (nor your friends) aren't quite classy-adult enough to host a legit Oscars party, so that's off the table. Watching it at home with your family all but guarantees a plethora of "who's that person anyway?" from your parents.

Most bars are pretty much a no-go, because even if they are showing the Oscars, you'll have to deal with overhearing an annoying amount of beer-fueled arguments about which director deserves the Best Picture award. Plus you'll have to fork out some dollars on constant rounds of drinks to justify you taking up a seat.

So by the end of your inner dialogue of potential Oscar-watching venues, you end up with the one free, laid-back, and enjoyable venue you have available: your apartment, with the show streamed on your laptop.

Aside from being altogether unglamorous, there is another reason you should veer away from an Oscars viewing sesh at home, or any of the other aforementioned possibilities, because you have one more amazing option: you can head to a movie theatre and watch the 88th Academy Awards on the big screen, for free.

Nope, this isn't clickbait or some other form of misleading information, as one Montreal cinema is opening up its doors to allow any and all Montrealers to view the annual awards ceremony from a movie theatre seat.

The venue in question is Cinema du Parc, who is continuing their yearly tradition of screening the Academy Awards at zero charge. Not only that, the theatre's organizers are also promising a bunch of free draws and giveaways when the Oscars broadcast cuts to commercials.

Cinema du Parc does stress that anyone interested should arrive early, as no reservations will be made for seating. And since this whole event is free, while also being pretty damn cool, expect a fairly large turnout.

For more info on Cinema du Parc's free screening of the 88th Academy Awards on February 28th, head to the event listing here.

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