Where You Can Buy Game Of Thrones Wine In Canada

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Where You Can Buy Game Of Thrones Wine In Canada

Last week, we announced that the SAQ is finally bringing Game of Thrones wine to Quebec. For those in Quebec who've always wanted to try it, your chance has finally come. 

If you're not in Quebec and are clamouring to get a taste of that delicious nectar, you might be wondering where to go. With a pinot noir, a red blend, cabernet sauvignon, and a chardonnay, you're absolutely going to want to try them all. 

Avoiding spoilers is much easier when you're drunker than Tyrion Lannister, so tie one off and check out where you can buy Game of Thrones wine in Canada. 

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TL;DR MTLBlog brings you a primer of where you can buy Game of Thrones wine in Canada.

According to everyone's favourite imp, "everything is better with some wine in the belly" and you know what, I agree. What's better than curling up to watch Game of Thrones while drinking some amazing California wines?

For best effects, I suggest you drink Game of Thrones wine out of your finest skin or most golden goblets. Make like Cersei and fill it up to the brim.

Atlantic Canada

Unfortunately, for you islanders, only us mainlanders get Game of Thrones wine in stores. You can still order it from their official website, though!


You will soon be able to buy Game of Thrones wine at all SAQ locations in Quebec. Presale is happening on the SAQ website right now. Prices range from $28.40 to $75.25. Quebeckers can also buy Johnnie Walker's "White Walker" scotch at participating locations.


Game of Thrones wine is sold across all LCBO locations in Ontario. Prices range from $24.95 to $74.95.


You can purchase Game of Thrones wine at Manitoba Liquor Marts. Prices range from $29.99 to $75.99.


Saskatchewan residents won't be able to buy Game of Thrones wine just yet. No announcements have been made so Sask residents will have to road trip to taste the Imp's Delight.


Game of Thrones wine can be found in many liquor depots in Calgary and Edmonton. Prices are similar to Ontario ones.

British Columbia

You can find Game of Thrones wine at participating B.C. Liquor Stores in Vancouver. Vintage West Wine Marketing also offers them on special order.

Will you be getting some Game of Thrones wine in time for next Sunday's episode? I know I will!

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