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You Can Now Buy Canada's 150th Anniversary Flag Tulip

The most beautiful flower in the country.
You Can Now Buy Canada's 150th Anniversary Flag Tulip

Last week, I wrote an article about how the Netherlands created a Tulip as a gift for Canada's 150th anniversary. The tulip is special because it was actually bred to look like the Canadian flag. 

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The response we got was overwhelming. Readers were amazed by these flowers and many were curious where they can get them. 

via @heidimeek

Well we have some good news for you, because you can get them pretty much anywhere in Canada. 

But there's a catch, you have to grow them. 

via @montyferr

Unless you're lucky enough to come across them in a random flower shop, the only to get your hands on these rare beauties is to buy the seeds.

Right now they are exclusively available at Home Hardware but stocks are limited, so you may need to order them. 

Canada's 150 anniversary tulip comes in a 100 seed pack which you can order here

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