Where You Can Eat Bacon & Salmon Tartare In Montreal

Served with homemade baby-back bacon chips.

Bar Brutus is always inventing crazy bacon creations and they rarely disappoint. Notable examples include the all bacon brunch, the bacon poutine bowl, the bacon s'mores sandwich, the bacon salad bowl and of course the bacon sushi roll.

But now they have truly outdone themselves by adding bacon where it just doesn't belong, and somehow they make it work. Presenting the bacon salmon tartar:

Now I know what you're thinking: "Jeremy you dumbass, tartare is raw, you can't just add bacon to it." Well you may be  right but that doesn't make this any less delicious. And the best part is, not only is the tartare topped with bacon, but it is served with homemade baby-back bacon chips instead of croutons or bread slices.

The dish is available as an entree or as a full meal with fries and salad. So stop wondering what to eat for dinner and plan a visit to Bar Brutus. You won't be disappointed.

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