Where You Can Eat Naked Sushi In Montreal

Because plates are boring.
Where You Can Eat Naked Sushi In Montreal

You've definitely seen it in movies or heard about it happening at some crazy party. 

Nyotaimori, otherwise known as Naked Sushi is probably the most original dinner idea ever and although rare, there are a couple of places in Montreal that offer this service.

In the past a restaurant called Atame would occasionally organize naked sushi nights but they've since closed down.

There was also Club Ivy in Montreal who has held these kinds of events in the past, so who knows when they might throw another one.

So if you really want naked sushi either for a bachelor party or just for the hell of it, here are your options.

Connected Montreal is a bachelor party service and they just so happen to have a naked sushi package. You get your own personal sushi chef for 3 hours and of course a gorgeous Nyotaimori model.

Another option is Montreal Body Sushi, and they also offer extras like premium sake and a limo service to drive you to and from the restaurant.

Other than that, you're choices are:

  • Join the mafia. (Seems like a thing mafia guys would do)
  • Get married just so you can have an excuse to have a bachelor party.
  • Have a fake bachelor party. (Who's going to know?)
  • Write a very persuasive ad on craigslist.
  • Ask your GF, but that sucks because she's just lying there while you're eating alone.
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