Where You Can Find Food Trucks During The Winter In Montreal

Street eats without the summer heat.
Where You Can Find Food Trucks During The Winter In Montreal

Despite the fact that some people have gripes with Montreal's food trucks (mostly about the price), no one can deny the convenience they street food vendors provide. Being able to quickly grab a creative and high quality artisanal eat is a privilege we all enjoy, and it's a shame access to Montreal's delectable street eats is limited to the summer season.

Except it isn't, because street foods are very much out and about in Montreal right now, and will continue to be throughout the winter.

That's right, even though food trucks are more of a summer fair, that doesn't mean you can't find street eats during the colder months of the year. According to the City of Montreal, street food will continue downtown this winter, though only at a few designated spots.

Five outdoor sites have been chosen as the designated winter food truck spots, which you can find below. Note, however, that the first three spots are far more active, with the other two seldom hosting food trucks.

  • Square Dorchester (map)
  • Square Victoria (map)
  • Place d'Armes (map)
  • Cité du Multimédia (map)
  • Concordia University (map)
  • Saint Denis Street (map)

You should also be aware that only about four food trucks will be all that active during the winter months, at least at the designated spots. Other food trucks will likely be seen at special and private events, but those you'll probably find at the above locations include:

  • Gaufrabec, serving savoury and sweet Belgian waffles.
  • Phoenix 1, makers of the naan-wich.
  • Queen B, the burrito-bowl food truck.
  • DAS Food Truck, winners of PoutineFest 2015 serving schniztel and other delights.

To find out which food truck will be where, the City of Montreal has a pretty handy planner that's updated daily. Check it out here.

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