Where You Can Get Free Studio Space in Montreal

With free materials, free workshops and free open work spaces.
Where You Can Get Free Studio Space in Montreal

Photo cred - Studio d'Art Le Milieu

If you’re creative, Montreal Art Hives are made for you. Some are coffee shops and others are community centers, but whatever the case may be, everyone and anyone are welcomed.  There are 3 Art Hives that offer you free work space and free materials in Montreal : La Ruche d’Art St-Henri, Co-op Le Milieu and Studio d’Art Saint-Sulpice. Considering there are so many artists and art lovers all over Montreal, it's no surprise that there are locations for all creative people to come together. One thing's for sure, you're guaranteed a unique experience.

Photo cred- La Ruche d'Art St- Henri

4525 St-Jacques, Montreal 

1. La Ruche d'Art St-Henri

Located in St. Henri, La Ruche is an inviting Montreal Art Hive that brings forth social inclusion and community through art making. La Ruche is funded by Concordia University and other organizations. With free art materials and free work spaces, this art hive makes art easily accessible to everyone. The studio space at La Ruche is definitely a hot spot for many Concordia students. With a focus on the environment, La Ruche has a large and vibrant outdoor garden that is great for outdoor art projects. Summer is approaching and if you want to create art in an elaborate garden, La Ruche is the place to be in Montreal!


Photo cred- Co-op Le Milieu

2. Co-op Le Milieu

1251 Rue Robin, Montréal 

Only a 3 minute walk from Beaudry Metro station is Le Milieu, a Community Center and Coop art hive. Both a coffee shop and a free studio space, Le Milieu is a creative and versatile venue where Montrealers are welcomed to create artwork or even shop, eat, and drink. Creative workshops in watercolor, stitching, fabrics, collage, tie-dye, book making and sculpture are all offered for free. If you want a delicious vegetarian meal while you create artwork for free, Le Milieu is right for you! Workshops and free studio schedules are posted on their website.


Photo cred- Studio d'Art Saint-Sulpice

3. Studio d'Art Saint-Sulpice

1070 Rue de Louvain E, Montréal

Located near Cremaize and Sauve metro stations, Studio d’art Saint-Sulpice invites Montrealers to create free art. In a calm and relaxing environment, the intimate studio space provides all artists and non-artists the freedom to make and share their artwork together. At Saint-Sulpice Studio the culinary arts are equally as important as visual arts. During the free studio art time on Saturdays, healthy homemade snacks are served to participants at no cost. Along with free art making on Saturdays, Saint-Sulpice studio offers cooking and dancing workshops. Pair free food with free materials in a free studio space and you will find yourself at Saint-Sulpice Art studio!

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