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Where You Can Actually Park For Free In Montreal

You don't see this every day.
Where You Can Actually Park For Free In Montreal

The unusual news keep rolling in today.

This morning, we were taken aback when we got a press releases announcing the end of construction on Saint-Denis Street.

It wasn't so much that the construction ended, it was that it ended ahead of schedule, which never happens.

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And now we received another suspiciously awesome piece of news.

Parking on Saint-Denis street between Duluthe and Marie-Anne will be free for an entire week.

Yes, it turns out there's another advantage to having construction done early.

The street is accessible, but the parcometers have not been installed yet. They will only be added on Monday, which means there are no parking restrictions for the next week.

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Mayor Coderre claims this was done on purpose to give an extra boost to the businesses on Saint-Denis. So let's show some love to this beloved area by finding more excuses to go there.

And if free parking isn't enough of an excuse for you then I don't know what it.

It's time to rediscover this amazing Montreal street and there's no better time than now.

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