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Where You Can Spot Kim Kardashian In Montreal This Weekend

Catch your fave in the world's best city.

Personal story time: I love Kim Kardashian. Okay, I love all the Kardashians. I feel like they know their industry unlike anyone else... honestly, I could go on forever and ever listing all the reasons why I love them so much. But I won't do that to you guys. It'll be pages and pages long, and I know not everyone feels the same way. That's cool though, friend, no worries. Not everyone likes the same things in life.

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But I do love the Kardashians; and when I found out she's supposed to be coming to Montreal according to Mélissa Paradis, who, when asked whether or not Kim was coming to town, said that she responded "Of course I'll be there," I actually cried tears of real excitement. And when I found out that she was in Toronto, too? And that she actually ventured out into the city? Guys, I can't describe the feelings I felt.

Since one of my goals in life is to meet Kim K, I immediately tried to predict the places she'd come to in Montreal, based on where she went in Toronto. I'm not saying with 100% certainty she'll be at these places - but if she were to go anywhere in the city, I strongly feel like this is what she'd do.

1. Shopping at Ogilvy

A photo posted by Aaron Nilsen (@aaronnilsen) on

Kim was spotted shopping at Holt Renfrew in Toronto, a couple of hours before Kanye's second concert was set to begin at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. Note: Holt Renfrew is roughly a 15 minute drive from the Air Canada Centre, so it's clear that they didn't travel very far - smart, since they were out at roughly 3:00 and the concert was set to begin about 5 hours later.

Knowing that they're probably going to want to stay within the parameters of the Bell Centre - especially since they have even less time to chill in Montreal than they did for Toronto - it makes sense that if Kim were to go shopping, it would probably be at Ogilvy.

Although she might venture into Downtown Montreal's Holt Renfrew (and maybe even the underground shopping malls, just for the novelty factor), I think she's more likely to get her shop on at Ogilvy, which at this point is an established Montreal retail landmark, happens to be close to the Bell Centre, and has an incredibly solid selection of brands to choose from.

2. Dinner at Milos

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Seriously, have you ever been to Milos? Try and tell me this place doesn't have Kim K plastered all over it, from the decor, to the service, to the impeccable food. Plus, Milos is a known celeb hangout in Montreal, so I feel like if Kim K were to dine anywhere in the city, it would be here.

One major downfall to this hypothesis, though, is that Milos is in the Plateau, a full 20 minute drive away from the Bell Centre - which is a huge chunk when you're pressed for time. But I think that given its popularity, Kim would consider coming to visit the Plateau - especially since Kylie spent some time in the neighbourhood when she came for her birthday in 2015.

3. Poutine at Schwartz's

A photo posted by Drake Tanner Shipway (@drakeshipway) on

Continuing with that thought, Schwartz's, located in the Plateau (and very near Station 67, one of the spots Kylie hit up during her birthday last year) is a notoriously famous Montreal eatery that just happens to be owned by Celine Dion - and was recently visited by her, as well.

Now, Kim Kardashian went to grab ice cream at Sweet Jesus in Toronto, which is notorious for their mind-blowing ice cream treats. Although we have awesome ice cream spots as well (and I'll get to that), I feel like Kim would not leave Montreal without tasting our signature - and seriously tasty - dish.

Going to Schwartz's would kill two birds with one stone (remember, they might possibly be pressed for time), fulfilling that poutine crave and allowing Kim K and her entourage to visit a venerated Montreal institution.

4. Ice Cream at La Diperie

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Honestly, the ice cream at Diperie is amazing, and I can totally see Kim K stopping by one of Montreal's most popular ice cream spots - of anything for that ice cream selfie in front of the blue wall.

Admittedly, though, this point is based purely on the fact that Kim visited Sweet Jesus in Toronto. In Toronto, Sweet Jesus is a 10 minute drive from the concert venue where Kanye's concert was being held, and La Dip is a bit further away from the Bell Centre... but I think it's totally worth the time loss, TBH, especially if she will be spending some time in the Plateau.

5. Partying at Ecole Privee

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

This Montreal club is notoriously exclusive and difficult to get into, which would make it a prime hotspot for Kim and Kanye to celebrate a very successful stop in Montreal.

Based on track records, though, other options for KimYe to get the party started include Time Supper Club (where Scott Disick once partied), and Muzique.

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