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Where You Can Spot One Direction In Montreal

Track down your favourite member this September.
Where You Can Spot One Direction In Montreal

One Direction will be making their way to Montreal very, very soon for their show on September 5 at Olympic Stadium. Now whether you're a big fan of their music or not, running in to any member of the band would be pretty amazing, so that's why we went ahead and speculated what Montreal bars each member will be likely to visit while they're here.

Harry Styles: Big in Japan

Harry styles loves a drink, there's no denying that, I mean he even has a bar in his house. As the most chill and mysterious member of the band, Big in Japan is perfect for him. This bar is a bit of a hole in the wall kind of place, but behind the door is an amazing, classy cocktail lounge with an intimate atmosphere.

Niall Horan: McKibbins

Now besides the obvious fact that McKibbins is an Irish pub, and Niall is Irish, McKibbins also has a super fun-loving atmosphere that we think would fit Niall perfectly. It's the perfect place to grab a pint, hang with friends, catch the game and maybe even watch some live music.

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Louis Tomlinson: Le Lab

Louis is known as the joker of the group, so obviously he'd want somewhere that's just as fun, which is why Le Lab is perfect. Every drink comes with an entertaining mixology show with everything from fire to juggling. And considering he's a dad-to-be, we doubt he'd want to be out at a typical club.

Liam Payne: Pub Burgundy Lion

Liam is the more serious and responsible one of the group, so Pub Burgundy Lion is where he needs to be. It's a traditional English pub with a laid back atmosphere and is a favourite spot among Montrealers to grab a drink after the work day is done.

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